Environmental and Health Impacts of Proposed Open Pit Mine

Under best case scenarios, the 2.7 km² open pit mine would pollute the air with over 30,000 tonnes of dust particles and use 140 billion litres (57,000 Olympic-size pools) of fresh water during its predicted 18 years of operation.

The water in Peterson Creek would be irreversibly polluted with selenium, sulphates, arsenic, uranium, copper, aluminium, chloride, and nitrate, with concentrations exceeding B.C. water quality guidelines for the protection of aquatic life.

The mine pit would be deep enough to lodge the CN Tower and take over 800 years to fill with water and contaminated mine seepage.

The volume of mine waste generated (1.5 billion tonnes) would be enough material to build a 15 metre (50 feet) high wall along the entire Canada-USA border.

A dam breach and spill through downtown Kamloops and into the Thompson River would be catastrophic, with significant loss of life and severe environmental and economic damages.

Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment Society opposes the Ajax Mine proposal as the models used to imply negligible impacts are not realistic, and health impact reassurances cannot believed.